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We help our clients upskill their people for the future 

Human Centred-Change Leadership Course

With organizations and their environments consistently introducing changes that impact people, process and technology, employees are being increasingly called to adapt to and lead change.  This virtual course helps participants lead in a way that gives people impacted by change voice and choice in their change experience. In this two-part training workshop focused on practical application and skill development participants:

  • Identify patterns and triggers for individuals experiencing change   

  • Describe the characteristics and benefits of using a human-centred approach to change design 

  • Apply a human-centred approach to a change leadership project   

  • Utilize digital collaborative tools to support change experience design  


Black Allyship Cohort Experience 

We developed this cohort program to equip participants to be Allies to the black community by advancing systemic change and facilitating dialogue within their organization on the topics of white privilege, racial trauma and systemic discrimination. Through participating in this collaborative learning  program, delivered via three virtual workshops, participants: 

  • Explore what it means to be an Ally

  • Uncover personal and organizational commitments supporting and impeding change 

  • Commit to, prepare for and take concrete actions to strengthen their Allyship within their lives and organization

Business Meeting

Changing the Conversation 

As organizations shift from top down to employee-centric, ways of working and communicating need to shift too. In our custom blended learning programs, we develop and coach leaders in developing applied skills for giving feedback, having difficult conversations, shifting from an advocacy to inquiry mindset, and building psychologically safe virtual teams.  

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