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Change Management
& Culture 

Our client implemented a compelling new vision and strategic plan while consolidating staff into a new WELL and LEED-certified headquarters. The new location was a catalyst to modernize ways of working between employees and with its large membership. We provided change management  to ensure the move is an enabler of the organization's strategic direction and digital transformation. We focused on enhancing capacity and collaboration, empowering the internal change team and managers to lead the change with their employees in a human-centred way.

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Strategy & Consultation

Our client, a service unit within a large, decentralized organization, needed to realign their priorities and ways of working to create greater value for their customers and partners. We facilitated a series of open, honest conversations with their constituents to explore their needs. We also supported their internal team with integrating the feedback into a value alignment plan, delivering learning and change management workshops, tools, and coaching to implement the big changes in a sustainable way.  


Organizational Learning & Development

We helped our large healthcare client create a learning strategy,  as well as design a learning operating model and governance structure to enable the organization's  strategy.  We also supported the implementation of our design recommendations at the governance and operational levels, introducing an entirely new way of making decisions about and allocating resources to learning priorities. 

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org learning + dev
change management

Skills for the Future

We supported our client in creating modern leadership and employee development programming in support of creating a diverse and inclusive culture. Our approach designed for and prioritized the integration of learning for employees, leaders, and the board of directors into day-to-day operations. We used a combination of "low-dose, high frequency" training, microlearning, and storytelling, combined with a human-centred design process that engaged input from leaders and employees early and often. This approach led to custom-designed programming that tightly aligns with the unique culture, strategy, and learner needs of the organization and has enabled the growth of both skills and mindsets.

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